EU-COST action OC-2016-1-20805: Soft Skills at work (External organisation)

  • Erika Darics (Chair)

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EU-COST action OC-2016-1-20805: Soft Skills at work

Soft skills in the workplace: bridging the gap between research learning and practice Missions The proposed COST action is aimed at bringing together a community of researchers educators and professionals to jointly develop and disseminate ideas that will improve the soft (communication) skills of the European workforce and thereby contribute to: the competitiveness of European organisations; the wellbeing of the European workforce; and a reduction in the skills deficiency in terms of the European job market. To achieve this we aim to build a scientific community of researchers, practitioners, and trainers dedicated to researching soft skills in the workplace and disseminating the research findings so that practice is improved. To this end, 5 working groups will be established. •Working group one: research The mission of this work group is to review and scrutinise research methods currently used in the exploration of soft skills. •Working group two: research/learning The mission of this group is to create an interface between research and soft skills training and so to improve training relative to soft skills in a European context. This will also result in the provision of improved soft skills training materials. •Working group three: research/practice The mission of this group is to establish a lasting dialogue between researchers and practitioners so that researchers are responsive to practitioner needs and that a synergy is created between state of the art research and practice thus ensuring relevance to the workplace. •Working group four: Early career The mission of this group is to promote the inclusion of early stage investigators and so build a long-term sustainable network. •Working group five: dissemination The mission of this group is to disseminate, through inter alia an online platform, the knowledge resulting from the synergy created by the network and to bring together the existing diverse and scattered research efforts. Each of these working groups will hold one event each year. The aim of these events will be to promote synergy between researchers, practitioners, trainers, and other stakeholders. The findings of these events will be disseminated via the online platform, academic and non-academic publications, academic conferences, and so on.
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