Hydrofoils, innovative wings affixed beneath boat hulls, have a rich history spanning 160 years since their inception. These structures have long been celebrated for their ability to dramatically enhance boat speed by minimizing drag through the water. However, their widespread adoption has been hindered by significant cost barriers over the years.

Today, a promising convergence of cutting-edge designs, advanced materials, and the rise of powerful electric vehicles heralds a potential renaissance for hydrofoils. Experts like Jean-Baptiste Souppez from Aston University, Mikael Mahlberg of Candela, and Eric Laakmann, CEO of Vessev, are at the forefront of this resurgence. They envision a future where hydrofoils not only propel boats faster but also contribute to greener marine transportation solutions.

As marine technology evolves into the electric era, these developments promise to revolutionize the industry by making boats “fly” above the water surface. This shift towards sustainable, high-speed electric vessels underscores a pivotal moment in the history of hydrofoil technology, paving the way for faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly marine transportation systems.

Period28 Jun 2024

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Media contributions