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Single atom Cu(I) promoted mesoporous titanias for photocatalytic Methyl Orange depollution and H 2 production

Trofimovaite, R. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator), Kumar, S. (Creator), Frattini, L. (Creator), Isaacs, M. (Creator), Wilson, K. (Creator), Olivi, L. (Creator), Debgupta, J. (Creator), Douthwaite, R. E. (Creator) & Lee, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 4 May 2018


Run Input file for MD simulation after 100ps at 200K (9f-3.tpr)

Nerukh, D. (Creator), Tarasova, E. (Contributor), Farafonov, V. (Contributor), Korotkin, I. (Contributor) & Karabasov, S. (Contributor), Aston Data Explorer, 24 Mar 2016


Acetic acid ketonization over Fe3O4/SiO2 for pyrolysis bio-oil upgrading

Bennett, J. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator), Isaacs, M. A. (Creator), Durndell, L. (Creator), Olivi, L. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator) & Wilson, K. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 7 Dec 2016


Nb2O5/SBA-15 catalyzed propanoic acid esterification

Silva, Â. (Creator), Wilson, K. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator), dos Santos, V. C. (Creator), Cons Bacilla, A. C. (Creator), Mantovani, K. M. (Creator) & Nakagaki, S. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 6 Jan 2017


A Lower Bound on the Capacity of the Noncentral Chi Channel with Applications to Soliton Amplitude Modulation

Shevchenko, N. A. (Creator), Derevyanko, S. (Creator), Prylepskiy, Y. (Creator), Alvarado, A. (Creator), Bayvel, P. (Creator) & Turitsyn, S. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 2016


Zirconia catalysed acetic acid ketonisation for pretreatment of biomass fast pyrolysis vapours

Jahangiri, H. (Creator), Osatiashtiani, A. (Creator), Bennett, J. (Creator), Isaacs, M. (Creator), Gu, S. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator) & Wilson, K. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 19 Jan 2018


Citrate-mediated sol–gel synthesis of Al-substituted sulfated zirconia catalysts for α-pinene isomerization

Rabee, A. I. M. (Creator), Durndell, L. (Creator), Fouad, N. (Creator), Frattini, L. (Creator), Isaacs, M. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator), Mekhemer, G. A. H. (Creator), dos Santos, V. C. (Creator), Wilson, K. (Creator) & Zaki, M. I. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 11 Oct 2017


Power Grids with Volatile Sources - Message Passing for Optimising Electricity Distribution and Load Shedding

Harrison, E. (Creator), Saad, D. (Creator) & Wong, K. Y. M. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 29 Jul 2017