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Stress testing results for relational and graph-based stores

García Domínguez, A. (Creator), Barmpis, K. (Contributor), Kolovos, D. S. (Contributor), Wei, R. (Contributor) & Paige, R. F. (Contributor), Aston Data Explorer, 2018


Laser-sculpted hybrid photonic magnetometer with nanoscale magnetostrictive interaction

Allsop, T. (Creator), Lee, G. (Creator), Wang, C. (Creator), Neal, R. (Creator), Kalli, K. (Creator), Culverhouse, P. F. (Creator) & Webb, D. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 12 Dec 2017


All-atom simulation of PCV2 virus capsid using molecular dynamics in explicit water

Nerukh, D. (Creator), Tarasova, E. (Creator), Farafonov, V. (Creator), Khayat, R. (Creator), Taiji, M. (Creator), Okimoto, N. (Creator) & Komatsu, T. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 23 Nov 2016


Support enhanced α-pinene isomerization over HPW/SBA-15

Frattini, L. (Creator), Isaacs, M. A. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator), Wilson, K. (Creator), Kyriakou, G. (Creator) & Lee, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 27 Jul 2016


SMEs Development in Oman

Al Bulushi, S. (Creator), Decker, S. D. (Creator) & Tapinos, E. (Creator), Aston University, 1 Jan 2016


Assuming identities online: Experimental chatlogs

Macleod, N. (Creator), Grant, T. (Creator) & Sorell, T. (Creator), ESRC, 17 Feb 2016


Photonic gas sensors exploiting directly the optical properties of hybrid carbon nanotube localized surface plasmon structures

Allsop, T. (Creator), Arif, R. (Creator), Neal, R. (Creator), Kalli, K. (Contributor), Kundrát, V. (Creator), Rozhin, A. (Contributor), Webb, D. (Contributor) & Culverhouse , P. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 31 Dec 2015