Angioplasty improves mortality in the managment of acute coronary syndrome in patients with chronic anaemia

Mahvash Zaman, Ramakrishna S. Gorantla, Hardeep Uppal, N. Lavu, Rahul Potluri

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    Aims: Angioplasty has changed the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). However,
    in patients with chronic anaemia the evidence for angioplasty in ACS is less well known. We
    sought to investigate the role of angioplasty in patients with anaemia presenting with ACS, and
    how it affected mortality.
    Method: Anonymous information on patients with ACS, attending a large multi-ethnic general
    hospital in Manchester, United Kingdom in the period 2000-2013 was obtained from the local
    health authority computerised hospital activity analysis register using ICD-10 and OPCS coding
    systems according to the ACALM protocol.
    Results: Out of 25294 patients, 1551(6.1%) patients had Anaemia as defined by national
    standards. Of these, 89(5.7%) patients underwent angioplasty with mean age 65.0 years and
    were significantly younger than patients who did not undergo angioplasty. Patients who did not
    undergo angioplasty had higher prevalence of Ischaemic Stroke(6.2% vs 1.1%), Heart
    Failure(36.7% vs 11.2%) and Chronic Kidney Disease(18.7% vs 4.5%), whilst angioplasty
    patients had higher prevalence of previous ACS (27.2% vs 36.0%) and peripheral vascular
    disease(6.8% vs 7.9%). Multi-nominal logistic regression analysis revealed Heart
    Failure(RR2.16), Ischaemic Stroke(RR3.67) and Chronic Kidney Disease(RR1.39) as significant
    predictors of mortality in this patient group. Angioplasty(RR7.81) and previous ACS(RR1.88)
    conferred mortality improvement in this patient group.
    Original languageEnglish
    Article number358
    Pages (from-to)278
    Number of pages1
    Issue numbersupp 1
    Publication statusPublished - 29 Nov 2015

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    11th International Congress on Coronary Artery Disease (ICCAD), Florence, Italy November 29 - December 2, 2015: Abstracts


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