Tony Bridgwater, Kai Sipilä, Josef Spitzer, Carl Wilén

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This special issue covers the significant activities and outputs of the European Commission funded Bioenergy Network of Excellence that has recently completed its six year programme of work. Networks of Excellence (NoE) were intended to address fragmentation of R&D in the European Research Area by integrating resources and expertise needed to enhance Europe’s global competitiveness in key areas. The Bioenergy NoE consortium consists of eight key bioenergy R&D institutes in Europe and covered the entire field of bioenergy.
Within the project, the overall strategy to achieve integration followed a well defined process of firstly identifying barriers, then evaluating RTD goals for their removal, followed by a detailed examination of how integration could be realistically achieved and implemented in the longer term. This is described in the first paper by Sipilä and Wilén. The rest of the contents of this special issue are devoted to collaborative outputs of the various joint research activities undertaken during the project that cover biomass, conversion technology, and finally policy and education.
Progress was influenced by a number of additional EU instruments launched during the project including the European Industrial Technology Platforms and ERA-NET Bioenergy. These led to the EIBI (European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative) and particularly EERA Bioenergy (European Energy Research Alliance – Bioenergy), which is very effectively continuing the work of Bioenergy NoE by establishing a framework for continued cooperation and collaboration. The project resulted in a high level of interaction and collaboration in European R&D which is being further developed and expanded within EERA Bioenergy. The value of Bioenergy NoE can thus be clearly seen in the exciting programme of research activities being developed in EERA Bioenergy.
During the past six years Bioenergy NoE partners have produced over 1000 publications including reports, papers and poster communications. This special issue of Biomass and Bioenergy includes results from a selection of outputs from Bioenergy NoE.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalBiomass and Bioenergy
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2012


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