Intellectual disability and being human: a care ethics model

Chrissie Rogers

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This pioneering book, in considering intellectually disabled people's lives, sets out a care ethics model of disability that outlines the emotional caring sphere, where love and care are psycho-socially questioned, the practical caring sphere, where day-to-day care is carried out, and the socio-political caring sphere, where social intolerance and aversion to difficult differences are addressed. This book draws from an understanding of how intellectual disability is represented in all forms of media, a feminist ethics of care, and capabilities, as well as other theories, to provide a critique and alternative to the social model of disability.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAbingdon (UK)
Number of pages174
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-315-63871-3
Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2016

Publication series

NameRoutledge advances in disability studies


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