Ramesh Krishnamurthy

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Corpora—large collections of written and/or spoken text stored and accessed electronically—provide the means of investigating language that is of growing importance academically and professionally. Corpora are now routinely used in the following fields: •the production of dictionaries and other reference materials; •the development of aids to translation; •language teaching materials; •the investigation of ideologies and cultural assumptions; •natural language processing; and •the investigation of all aspects of linguistic behaviour, including vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCorpus Linguistics
EditorsRamesh Krishnamurthy, Wolfgang Teubert
Number of pages37
ISBN (Print)9780415338950
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 2007

Publication series

NameCritical Concepts in Linguistics


  • corpora—large collections
  • electronic text

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    Krishnamurthy, R. (2007). Introduction. In R. Krishnamurthy, & W. Teubert (Eds.), Corpus Linguistics (Vol. 1, pp. 1-37). (Critical Concepts in Linguistics). Routledge.