Mid-infrared channel waveguides in RbPb⁠2Cl⁠5 crystal inscribed by femtosecond laser pulses

Andrey G. Okhrimchuk, Vladimir Mezentsev, Ninel Lichkova

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Tubular cladding waveguide was inscribed in crystal volume by a femtosecond laser operating at 0.8 μm. The waveguide sustains a single leaking mode at wavelength of 3.39 μm. Propagation losses were investigated experimentallyand theoretically at wavelengths of 1.58 μm and 3.39 μm. Measured losses were found to be as lowas 1.4 dB/cm at 1.58 μm and 5.1 dB/cm at 3.39 μm. Complex propagation constants for leaking modes were obtainedby numerical mode analysis. It was found, that mode leakage is a major factor of losses at wavelength of3.39 μm.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)80-84
Number of pages5
JournalOptics and Laser Technology
Early online date27 Feb 2017
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2017

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  • cladding waveguide
  • femtosecond inscription
  • leaking waveguide mode


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