Multispectral fundus analysis

Antonio Calcagni, Iain B. Styles, Ela Claridge, Felipe Orihuela-Espina, Jonathan M. Gibson

Research output: Unpublished contribution to conferenceAbstractpeer-review


Purpose - To generate a reflectance model of the fundus that allows an accurate non-invasive quantification of blood and pigments.
Methods - A Monte Carlo simulation was used to produce a mathematical model of light interaction with the fundus at different wavelengths. The model predictions were compared with fundus images from normal volunteers in several spectral bands (peaks at 507, 525, 552, 585, 596 and 611nm). Th e model was then used to calculate the concentration and distribution of the known absorbing components of the fundus.
Results - The shape of the statistical distribution of the image data generally corresponded to that of the model data; the model however appears to overestimate the reflectance of the fundus in the longer wavelength region.As the absorption by xanthophyll has no significant eff ect on light transport above 534nm, its distribution in the fundus was quantified: the wavelengths where both shape and distribution of image and model data matched (<553nm) were used to train a neural network which was then applied to every point in the image data. The xanthophyll distribution thus found was in agreement with
published literature data in normal subjects.
Conclusion - We have developed a method for optimising multi-spectral imaging of the fundus and a computer image analysis capable of estimating information about the structure and properties of the fundus. Th e technique successfully calculates the distribution of xanthophyll in the fundus of healthy volunteers. Further improvement of the model is required to allow the deduction of other parameters from images; investigations in known pathology models are also necessary to establish if this method is of clinical use in detecting early chroido-retinopathies, hence providing a useful screening and diagnostic tool.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventEuropean Association for Vision and Eye Research Meeting - Vilamouura, Portugal
Duration: 5 Oct 20058 Oct 2005


ConferenceEuropean Association for Vision and Eye Research Meeting
Abbreviated titleEVER'05

Bibliographical note

Abstract in ophthalmic research, 37(S1), p.27.


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