O Crime Organizado e as novas technologias: uma espada de dois gumes

Translated title of the contribution: Organized Crime and New Technologies: a double- edged sword

Helena Farrand Carrapico

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Numerous States have largely benefited from new
technologies. They are, however, not the only one to
have done so. Organized Crime, and cibercrime in
particular, have also taken advantage of the
vulnerabilities of the information system – which
constitutes the basis for the functioning of our
societies – for their own profit. Although we have
managed to gather a considerable amount of
knowledge concerning this issue, our efforts have
been unsuccessful in controlling the growing number
of cyber-attacks and their consequent losses for
companies and individuals. Nevertheless, we should
not adopt the pessimistic view, according to which
there is no efficient way to handle this type of
criminality. Naturally, much work remains to be
developed: populations have to become more aware of
the dangers related to Internet and its consequences;
there is a growing need for skilled technicians;
research lacks real investment; and the different
sectors of society have to deepen their cooperation.
After promptly embracing all the benefits that new
technologies could foster, we are now confronted
with the fact of having to accept, as well, its negative
Translated title of the contributionOrganized Crime and New Technologies: a double- edged sword
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)175-192
JournalNação e Defesa
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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