Protocol for optical percutaneous needle biopsy of the liver

V Dremin, E Potapova, E Zherebtsov, K Kandurova, V Shupletsov, A Alekseyev, A Mamoshin, A Dunaev

Research output: Preprint or Working paperPreprint


Liver cancer remains one of the most widespread cancer types worldwide. The time spent on the diagnosis is one of crucial factors ensuring the effectiveness of treatment. As percutaneous needle biopsy remains the gold standard for liver diagnosis, it is necessary to develop new methods for improving this procedure. One of the most promising directions is multimodal optical biopsy. The proposed protocol describes the methodology of real-time in vivo optical measurements of liver lesions during the percutaneous needle biopsy of the liver. The multimodal approach combines the methods of fluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and conventional histological analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 5 Sept 2020


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