Teallach: a model-based user interface development environment for object databases

Tony Griffiths, Peter J. Barclay, Norman W. Paton, Jo McKirdy, Jessica Kennedy, Philip D. Gray, Richard Cooper, Carole A. Goble, Paulo Pinherio da Silva

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Model-based user interface development environments show promise for improving the productivity of user interface developers, and possibly for improving the quality of developed interfaces. While model-based techniques have previously been applied to the area of database interfaces, they have not been specifically targeted at the important area of object database applications. Such applications make use of models that are semantically richer than their relational counterparts in terms of both data structures and application functionality. In general, model-based techniques have not addressed how the information referenced in such applications is manifested within the described models, and is utilised within the generated interface itself. This lack of experience with such systems has led to many model-based projects providing minimal support for certain features that are essential to such data intensive applications, and has prevented object database interface developers in particular from benefiting from model-based techniques. This paper presents the Teallach model-based user interface development environment for object databases, describing the models it supports, the relationships between these models, the tool used to construct interfaces using the models and the generation of Java programs from the declarative models. Distinctive features of Teallach include comprehensive facilities for linking models, a flexible development method, an open architecture, and the generation of running applications based on the models constructed by designers.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)31-68
Number of pages38
JournalInteracting With Computers
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2001

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  • Model based user interface development
  • Object databases


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