Using Socrative and Smartphones for the support of collaborative learning

Mohammad Awedh, Ahmed Mueen, Bassam Zafar, Umar Manzoor

    Research output: Preprint or Working paperPreprintpeer-review


    The integration of new technologies in the classrooms opens new possibilities for the teaching and learning process. Technologies such as student response system (e.g. Clicker) are getting popularity among teachers due to its effects on student learning performance. In this study, our primary objective is to investigate the effect of Socrative with combination of smartphones on student learning performance. We also observed the benefits of interactivity between the teacher and the students and among classmates, which positively influences collaborative learning and engagement of students in the class. We test these relationships experimentally in a community college class environment using data from a survey answered by students in information technology associate degree. The results of our study reveal that collaborative learning and engagement of student in the class improves student learning performance. We highly recommend these tools in educational settings to support the learning process.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 6 Jan 2015


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