Which aspects of engineering degrees do graduates most value in their working lives ?

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The creation and revision of degree programmes aims to build degrees with the correct blend of technical skills and competencies to ensure graduates are equipped to enter industry. While there may be data on first destinations of graduates there is often little follow up on how useful they felt their degree was in equipping them with the skills needed in industry. This study looks at the views of 32 graduates who graduated from a mechanical engineering programme over the last decade. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods it asks them to explore the impact of common degree features including project based learning, engineering science, dissertations and internships on their subsequent working lives. The study shows that while core knowledge and skills are still valued, authentic learning enabled by project based learning and internships are often at the heart of working graduates’ daily lives.
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JournalInformációs Társadalom
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Early online date19 Oct 2020
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