Advanced Fibre Bragg Grating fabrication systems and devices

  • Andrew M. Gillooly

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This thesis address the creation of fibre Bragg grating based sensors and the fabrication systems which are used to manufacture them. The information is presented primarily with experimental evidence, backed up with the current theoretical concepts. The issues involved in fabricating high quality fibre Bragg gratings are systematically investigated. Sources of errors in the manufacturing processes are detected, analysed and reduced to allow higher quality gratings to be fabricated. The use of chirped Moiré gratings as distributed sensors is explored, the spatial resolution is increased beyond that of any previous work and the use of the gratings as distributed load sensors is also presented. Chirped fibre Bragg gratings are shown to be capable of operating as in-situ wear sensors, capable of accurately measuring the wear or erosion of the surface of a material. Two methods of measuring the wear are compared, giving a comparison between an expensive high resolution method and a cheap lower resolution method. The wear sensor is also shown to be capable of measuring the physical size and location of damage induced on the surface of a material. An array method is demonstrated to provide a high survivability such that the array may be damaged yet operate with minimal degradation in performance.
Date of Award2005
Original languageEnglish


  • fibre Bragg grating based sensors
  • chirped Moiré
  • high survivability

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