Broadband fibre parametric amplifiers

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This thesis explores the broadband fibre optical parametric amplifiers (FOPAs) to develop the FOPA ability to provide broadband amplification anywhere in the low-loss transmission window and to make FOPA an enabling technology for future ultra-wide bandwidth high-speed optical communications. A number of techniques have been implemented to demonstrate an exceptionally wide and flat FOPA gain of 10.5±0.5 dB over 102 nm bandwidth on a single side of the FOPA pump. A flat gain spectrum is targeted here because FOPA is prone to large gain variation which has a particularly strong negative impact on amplified signals in FOPA. The FOPA dependence on gain fibre length, pump wavelength and pump power has been experimentally investigated. The parametric gain bandwidth enhancement by a forward Raman gain invoked by the same pump has been demonstrated. Gain spectrum shaping by pump polarisation tuning has been explored and has allowed for a significant gain spectrum flatness improvement. A concept of cascading low gain stages has been introduced as a way to achieve a high gain with low variation across a wide bandwidth. It is envisaged that gain of ~20±1.5 dB over >100 nm can be achieved using this approach. Additionally, a reliance of the FOPA on Erbium doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs) for pump amplification, which restricts the FOPA operating range, has been addressed by demonstrating a high pump power (>1 W) EDFA-free FOPA for the first time. In this experiment a Raman amplification was used instead of an EDFA to amplify the FOPA pump and thus to grant a required flexibility for FOPA operation anywhere in the low-loss transmission window. In summary, this thesis has demonstrated the FOPA ability to provide an ultra-wide amplification and
    Date of Award3 Sept 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorNick Doran (Supervisor) & Marc F Stephens (Supervisor)


    • fibre optical parametic
    • fibre optical amplification
    • optical phase conjugation
    • Raman amplification
    • fibre optical communcations

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