Crystallisation properties of pentaerythritol

  • H. Farazmand

Student thesis: Master's ThesisMaster of Philosophy


The results of measurements of density,
solubility and refractive index of aqueous solutions
of purified pentaerythritol are presented. The density
was measured over the range of concentration from zero
to saturation over the temperature range 20 - 80°C by
the Principle of Archimedes. The refractive index was
measured over the same range of conditions with an Abbé

The preparative methods of pentaerythritol
synthesis are briefly reviewed with a view to explaining
the possible sources of impurity which occur in the
commerical product and which have significant effects
on the crystal growth rate.

The problem of identifying one of the
impurities was tackled. Although this impurity was
probably present to an extent of less than 0.1% it had a
drastic effect in reducing the rate of crystal growth.

A preliminary literature survey of the work
done so far on surface energy is presented along with some
proposed methods of measurement.
Date of Award1973
Original languageEnglish


  • Crystallisation
  • pentaerythritol

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