Decision making and experiments in the process of solution implementation relating to conservation with special reference to the Barnsbury Conservation Area. Available in 3 volumes.

  • Kenneth Pring

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


The thesis examines the development of the law of slum clearance and conservation and the way in which these relate to the problem of urban renewal in areas of architectural and historical interest.
This was set within a hypothetical framework of general problems encountered in the field of decision-making and the examination of management techniques.
The practical application of decision-making analysis techniques was carried out pragmatically through seven selected case examples, which allowed the analysis of legal, social, political, economic and architectural factors that had influenced the way in which the empowering legislation was administered.

Five of the case examples were selected on the basis of the writer's subjective opinion that the relevant Council had made a bad decision and, by the adoption of an in­terventionist approach, it was possible to ensure a reversal of four of the original decisions; two further case examples were selected as "controls" against which the other five could be judged.

Thus, it was possible to undertake experiments to test the use of interventionist techniques 'on the ground', to prevent the demolition of housing which had been represented for slum clearance, and which was subsequently listed as being of architectural and historical interest.

The research covers the period 1968 to 1978, during which time there were several changes in public attitudes to slum clearance, conservation and urban renewal, which led to the introduction of new legis­lation and the amendment of existing legislation in these fields; the research illustrates some of these

The thesis summarises and cross-references the analyses of the case examples and identifies means by vhich the administration of the existing legislation can be improved in the short term, also indicating areas of weakness in the empowering legislation which require review in the longer term.
Date of Award1979
Original languageEnglish


  • Decision making
  • experiments
  • solution implementation
  • conservation
  • Barnsbury Conservation Area

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