Environmental and nature conservation : a facet study of concern for the quality of the natural environment

  • Paul Martyn William Hackett

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


A multi-variate descriptive model of environmental and nature conservation attitudes and values is proposed and empirically supported. A mapping sentence is developed out of analysis of data from a series of Repertory Grid interviews addressing conservation employees' attitudes towards their profession's activities.

The research is carried out within the meta-theoretical framework of Facet Theory. A mapping sentence is developed consisting of 9 facets.

From the mapping sentence 3 questionnaires were constructed viewing the selective orientations towards environmental concern. A mapping sentence and facet model is developed for each study. Once the internal structure of this model had been established using Similarity Structure Analysis, the elements of the facets are subjected to Partial Order Scalogram Analysis with base coordinates.

A questionnaire is statistically analysed to assess the relationship between facet elements and 4 measures of attitudes towards, and involvement with, conservation. This enabled the comparison of the relative strengths of attitudes associated with each facet element and each measure of conservation attitude.

In general, the relationship between the assessed importance of conservation and involvement pledges to conservation were positive: Perceived importance of a conservation issue appearing predictive of personal involvement. Furthermore, the elements of the life area and scale facets were differentially related to attitude measures. The essential elements of an environmental concern scale are presented.

The multi-variate descriptive model of environmental conservation values and attitudes is discussed in relation to its implications for psychological research into environmental concern and for environmental and nature conservation.
Date of AwardSept 1989
Original languageEnglish


  • Environmental Conservation
  • Nature Conservation
  • Environmental Concern
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Facet Theory

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