FlexSIG-Flexible software inspection groupware

  • Shamsul B. Sahibuddin

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    The objective of this research is to design and build a groupware system which
    will allow members of a distributed group more flexibility in performing software
    Software inspection, which is part of non-execution based testing in software development, is a group activity. The groupware system aims to provide a system that will improve acceptability of groupware and improve software
    quality by providing a software inspection tool that is flexible and adaptable.
    The groupware system provide a flexible structure for software inspection
    meetings. The groupware system will extend the structure of the software
    inspection meeting itself, allowing software inspection meetings to use all four
    quadrant of the space-time matrix: face-to-face, distributed synchronous, distributed asynchronous, and same place-different time. This will open up new
    working possibilities. The flexibility and adaptability of the system allows
    work to switch rapidly between synchronous and asynchronous interaction.
    A model for a flexible groupware system was developed. The model was
    developed based on review of the literature and questionnaires. A prototype
    based on the model was built using java and WWW technology. To test the effectiveness of the system, an evaluation was conducted. Questionnaires was
    used to gather response from the users.
    The evaluations ascertained that the model developed is flexible and
    adaptable to the different working modes, and the system is capable of supporting several different models of the software inspection process.
    Date of AwardFeb 1999
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorBernard S Doherty (Supervisor)


    • software engineering
    • computer supported cooperative work
    • world wide web
    • Java
    • CASE

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