High performance numerical modeling of ultra-short laser pulse propagation based on multithreaded parallel hardware

  • Mandana Baregheh

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    The focus of this study is development of parallelised version of severely sequential and
    iterative numerical algorithms based on multi-threaded parallel platform such as a graphics
    processing unit. This requires design and development of a platform-specific numerical
    solution that can benefit from the parallel capabilities of the chosen platform.
    Graphics processing unit was chosen as a parallel platform for design and development of
    a numerical solution for a specific physical model in non-linear optics. This problem appears
    in describing ultra-short pulse propagation in bulk transparent media that has recently been
    subject to several theoretical and numerical studies. The mathematical model describing this
    phenomenon is a challenging and complex problem and its numerical modeling limited on
    current modern workstations.
    Numerical modeling of this problem requires a parallelisation of an essentially serial
    algorithms and elimination of numerical bottlenecks. The main challenge to overcome is
    parallelisation of the globally non-local mathematical model.
    This thesis presents a numerical solution for elimination of numerical bottleneck associated
    with the non-local nature of the mathematical model. The accuracy and performance of
    the parallel code is identified by back-to-back testing with a similar serial version.
    Date of Award15 Jan 2013
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorVladimir Mezentsev (Supervisor)


    • femtosecond phenomena
    • non-linear Schr¨odinger equation
    • parallel numerical simulations

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