High step up DC-DC converter topology for PV systems and electric vehicles

  • Zhengzhao He

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This thesis presents new high step-up DC-DC converters for photovoltaic and electric vehicle applications. An asymmetric flyback-forward DC-DC converter is proposed for the PV system controlled by the MPPT algorithm. The second converter is a modular switched-capacitor DC-DC converter, it has the capability to operate with transistor and capacitor open-circuit faults in every module. The results from simulations and tests of the asymmetric DC-DC converters have suggested that the proposed converter has a 5% to 10% voltage gain ratio increased to the symmetric structures among 100W – 300W power (such as [3]) range while maintaining efficiency of 89%-93% when input voltage is in the range of 25 – 30 V. they also indicated that the softswitching technique has been achieved, which significantly reduce the power loss by 1.7%, which exceeds the same topology of the proposed converter without the softswitching technique. Moreover, the converters can maintain rated outputs under main transistor open circuit fault situation or capacitor open circuit faults.
    The simulation and test results of the proposed modularized switched-capacitor DC-DC converters indicate that the proposed converter has the potential of extension, it can be embedded with infinite module in simulation results, however, during experiment. The sign open circuit fault to the transistors and capacitors would have low impact to the proposed converters, only the current ripple on the input source would increase around 25% for 4-module switched-capacitor DC-DC converters. The developed converters can be applied to many applications where DC-DC voltage conversion is alighted. In addition to PVs and EVs. Since they can ride through some electrical faults in the devices, the developed converter will have economic implications to improve the system efficiency and reliability.
    Date of Award30 May 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorWenping Cao (Supervisor) & Zhengyu Lin (Supervisor)


    • DC-DC converter
    • High step up
    • asymmetric
    • switched-capacitor
    • fault tolerance

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