Internet financial reporting in Saudi Arabia: users' perceptions and disclosures

  • Khalid A. Al-Motrafi

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This thesis investigates corporate financial disclosure practices on Web sites and their impact. This is done, first by examining the views of various Saudi user groups (institutional investors, financial analysts and private investors) on disclosure of financial reporting on the Internet and assessing differences, if any, in perceptions of the groups. Over 303 individuals from three groups responded to a questionnaire. Views were elicited regarding: users attitude to the Internet infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, users information sources about companies in Saudi Arabia, respondents perception about the advantages and disadvantages in Internet financial reporting (IFR), respondents attitude to the quality of IFR provided by Saudi public companies and the impact of IFR on users information needs. Overall, it was found professional groups (Institutional investors, financial analysts) hold similar views in relation to many issues, while the opinions of private investors differ considerably. Second, the thesis examines the use of the Internet for the disclosure of financial and investor-related information by Saudi public companies (113 companies) and look to identify reasons for the differences in the online disclosure practices of companies by testing the association between eight firm-specific factors and the level of online disclosure. The financial disclosure index (167 items) is used to measure public company disclosure in Saudi Arabia. The descriptive part of the study reveals that 95 (84%) of the Saudi public companies in the sample had a website and 51 (45%) had a financial information section of some description. Furthermore, none of the sample companies provided 100% of the 167 index items applicable to the company. Results of multivariate analysis show that firm size and stock market listing are significant explanatory variables for the amount of information disclosed on corporate Web sites. The thesis finds a significant and negative relationship between the proportion of institutional ownership of a companys shares and the level of IFR.
Date of Award2008
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorOmneya H. Abdelsalam (Supervisor)


  • Internet financial reporting
  • Saudi Arabia
  • users' perceptions and disclosures

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