Intumescent formulations incorporating melamine phosphate

  • Paula T.A. Knott

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


Once familiar with the fire test rig constructed by M Kay, and modified to allow incorporation of both video and computer facilities, Melamine Phosphate production was scaled up from small to large laboratory scale, and then commercial scale production was considered. Samples produced at each stage were compared analytically, visually and in fire testing. The separation and drying stages on a commercial scale lay unresolved practically, due to lack of test facilities. Different cure regimes for the Araldite MY753 and Versamid system were investigated along with weathering tests and cured samples. Surface priming is suggested for large scale application, though on a small scale a clean unprimed surface was thought sufficient. Some samples heat, aired, cracked at the edges but remained bonded on fire testing. An intumescent sample containing Melamine Phosphate, Araldite and Versamid could not be applied to a vertical surface successfully, the viscosity had to be increased to allow application and curing, various additives were tested, two successful ones being fumed silica and a solvent, isopropanol. The low percentages fumed silica used was incorporated into the sample and the viscosity and fire test results compared with a `standard sample'. An expanding graphite incorporated into a standard sample made mixing and application increasingly difficult, due to the lubricating affect of graphite, but the char produced was a good quality, stable char. A suitable formulation could now be mixed, applied and cured, and assuming no adverse interaction between the additives would protect the sample in the event of a fire.
Date of Award1988
Original languageEnglish


  • intumescent formulations
  • melamine phosphate
  • Fire retardant
  • Thixotropic

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