Local heat transfer coefficient in a baffled shell and tube heat exchanger

  • John N. Prowse

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


Local shell side coefficient measurements in the end conpartments of a model shell and tube heat exchanger have been made using an electrochemical technique. Limited data are also reported far the second compartment.
The end compartment average coefficients have been found to be smaller than reported data for a corresponding internal conpartment. The second compartment data. have been shown to lie between those for the end compartments and the reported internal compartment data.
Experimental data are reported fcr two port types and two baffle orientations. with data for the case of an inlet compartment impingement baffle also being given .
Port type is shown to have a small effect on compartment coefficients, these being largely unaffected. Likewise, the outlet compartment average coefficients are slightly snaller than those for the inlet compartment, with the distribution of individual tube coefficients being similar.
Baffle orientation has been shown to have no effect on average coefficients, but the distribution of the data is substantially affected. The use of an impingement baffle in the inlet compartment lessens the efect of baffle orientation on
distribution . Recommendations are made for future work.
Date of AwardJun 1977
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorG.V. Jeffreys (Supervisor)


  • heat transfer
  • heat exchanger
  • shell side
  • local coefficients
  • electrochemical technique

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