Prestressed concrete beams with stirrups subjected to torsion, bending and shear

  • Towfik A.H. Tahir

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


Reported in this thesis are test results of 37 eccentrically prestressed beams with stirrups. Single variable parameters were investigated including the prestressing force, the prestressing steel area, the concrete strength, the aspect ratio h/b and the stirrups size and spacing. Interaction of bending, torsion and shear was also investigated by testing a series of beams subjected to varying bending/torsional moment ratios. For the torsional strength an empirical expression of linear format is proposed and can be rearranged in a non-dimensional interaction form: T/To+V/Vo+M/Mo+Ps/Po+Fs/Fo=Pc2/Fsp. This formula which is based on an average experimental steel stress lower than the yield point is compared with 243 prestressed beams containing ' stirrups, including the author's test beams, and good agreement is obtained. For the theoretical analysis of the problem of torsion combined with bending and shear in concrete beams with stirrups, the method of torque-friction is proposed and developed using an average steel stress. A general linear interaction equation for combined torsion with bending and/or shear is proposed in the following format: (fi) T/Tu=1 where (fi) is a combined loading factor to modify the pure ultimate strength for differing cases of torsion with bending and/or shear. From the analysis of 282 reinforced and prestressed concrete beams containing stirrups, including the present investigation, good agreement is obtained between the method and the test results. It is concluded that the proposed method provides a rational and simple basis for predicting the ultimate torisional strength and may also be developed for design purposes.

Date of Award1984
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorL.H. Martin (Supervisor)


  • Prestressed concrete beams
  • stirrups
  • torsion
  • bending
  • shear

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