Primary health care management in Nigeria

  • Michael O. Onwuliri

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This research sets out to assess if the PHC system in rural Nigeria is effective by testing the research hypothesis: `PHC can be effective if and only if the Health Care Delivery System matches the attitudes and expectations of the Community'. The field surveys to accomplish this task were carried out in IBO, YORUBA, and HAUSA rural communities.
    A variety of techniques have been used as Research Methodology and these include questionnaires, interviews and personal observations of events in the rural community. This thesis embraces three main parts. Part I traces the socio-cultural aspects of PHC in rural Nigeria, describes PHC management activities in Nigeria and the practical problems inherent in the system. Part II describes various theoretical and practical research techniques used for the study and concentrates on the field work programme, data analysis and the research hypothesis-testing. Part III focusses on general strategies to improve PHC system in Nigeria to make it more effective. The research contributions to knowledge and the summary of main conclusions of the study are highlighted in this part also.
    Based on testing and exploring the research hypothesis as stated above, some conclusions have been arrived at, which suggested that PHC in rural Nigeria is ineffective as revealed in people's low opinions of the system and dissatisfaction with PHC services. Many people had expressed the view that they could not obtain health care services in time, at a cost they could afford and in a manner acceptable to them. Following the conclusions, some alternative ways to implement PHC programmes in rural Nigeria have been put forward to improve and make the Nigerian PHC system more effective.
    Date of AwardJun 1987
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorG.M. Luck (Supervisor)


    • health care
    • Nigeria
    • primary health care
    • healthcare management system

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