The development of a solar wall module using a selective surface

  • C.G. Lloyd

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


A need was indicated for the identification of a possible new solar energy
product to improve the sales potential of a metal film with a selective surface,
manufactured by the industriaI sponsor of this project (INCO).
A possible way of overcoming the disadvantageous economics of solar energy
collection was identified. This utilised the collection of solar energy by the walls of buildings constructed in such a manner as to allow the transfer of energy into the building, whilst providing adequate thermal insulation in the absence of sunlight. The actual collection element of the wall, being metallic, is also capable of performing the function of a low temperature heating .system in the absence of sunlight. As a result of this, the proposed system, by displacing both the wall and centraI heating system which would otherwise be necessary, demonstrates economic benefits over systems which are constructed solely for the purpose of collecting solar energy.
The necessary thermodynamic and meteorological. characteristics and data: are
established, and applied to a typical urban site in the North of England, for a
typical average year, with and without a shading device incorporated into the
It is concluded that the proposed system may offer considerable benefit in reducing the effective heating season in all orientations of wall.
Date of AwardNov 1983
Original languageEnglish


  • solar energy
  • wall
  • passive
  • selective

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