The Management of Industrial Development in Kuwait

  • Moayed A. Al-Rashied

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This thesis examines the concept of the Management of Industrial Development in Developing Countries with particular reference to Kuwait. Whilst development
    Adminstration in Developing Countries has been the focus of much previous work less attention has been devoted to the distinct problems and needs of manufacturing industry in such countries. The thesis therefore responds to this gap in the literature.

    The first stage of the research entails a detailed analysis of the Kuwaiti economy
    which makes clear the heavy dependence on oil revenues, and the pressing need for the diversification of the economy. In particular the future prosperity of Kuwait will be heavily dependent on its ability to develop a more competitive industrial structure.

    The second stage of the research involves an evaluation of both the existing
    organizational arrangements and the legislative framework for the management of Industrial Development in Kuwait. The principle conclusion from this review is that there are considerable weaknesses in the management of industrial development in Kuwait. The weaknesses cause major problems for manufacturing industry leading to both inefficient and ineffective performance by many industries.

    The final part of the research study is devoted to two major surveys, one focusing on key actors in the Public Sector charged with the responsibility for the Management of Industrial Development; the other is a survey of a sample of manufacturing companies. The results of these surveys confirm both the inadequacies of the existing system and point to a number of future directions.

    The research concludes that it is imperative to introduce major changes to the existing administrative system by the creation of a new structure in which the Public and Private sectors play an equal role.
    Date of AwardMar 1991
    Original languageEnglish


    • Kuwait
    • Management
    • Industrial development
    • Evaluation

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