The measurements of neutron and gamma dose rates in mixed radiation fields, using a liquid scintillation counter

  • Bashir I.O. Shakshak

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


Measurements of neutron and gamma dose rates in mixed radiation fields, and gamma dose rates from calibrated gamma sources, were performed using a liquid scintillation counter NE213 with a pulse shape discrimination technique based on the charge comparison method.

A computer program was used to analyse the experimental data.

The radiation field was obtained from a 241Am-9Be source.

There was general agreement between measured and calculated neutron and gamma dose rates in the mixed radiation field, but some disagreement in the measurements of gamma dose rates for gamma sources, due to the dark current of the photomultiplier and the effect of the perturbation of the radiation field by the detector.

An optical fibre bundle was used to couple an NE213 scintillator to a photomultiplier, in an attempt to minimise these effects. This produced an improvement in the results for gamma sources. However, the optically coupled detector system could not be used for neutron and gamma dose rate measurements in mixed radiation fields. The pulse shape discrimination system became ineffective as a consequence of the slower time response of the detector system.
Date of Award1989
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorAlbert Bore (Supervisor)


  • neutron
  • gamma dose
  • rates
  • radiation fields
  • liquid scintillation
  • charge comparison method
  • radiation field
  • obtained
  • 241Am-9Be

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