The vibrational spectra of rectangular plates

  • Mansoor M.H.A. Al-Helaly

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


The wire drive pulse-echo system has been extensively used to excite and measure modes of vibration of thin rectangular plates. The frequency spectra of different modes have been investigated as a function of the material elastic moduli and the plate geometry. Most of the work was carried out on isotropic materials.
For square plates a wide selection of materials were used. These were made isotropic in their in-plane dimensions where the displacements are taking place. The range of rnaterials enabled the dependence on Poisson's ratio to be investigated. A method of determining the value of Poisson's ratio resulted from this investigation.
Certain modes are controlled principally by the shear modulus. Of these the fundamental has two nodal lines across the plate surface. One of them, which has nodes at the corners, (the Lame mode) is uniquely a pure shear mode where the diagonal is a full wave length. One controlled by the Young's modulus has been found.
The precise harmonic relationship of the Lame mode series in square and rectangular plates was established. Use of the Rayleigh-Lamb equation has extended the theoretical support.
The low order modes were followed over a wide range of sides ratios. Two fundamental types of modes have been recognised; These are the longitudinal modes where the frequency is controlled by the length of the plate only and the 2~f product has an asymptotic value approaching the rod velocity. The other type is the in-plane flexural modes (in effect a flexurally vibrating bar where the -2/w is the geometrical parameter). Where possible the experimental work was
related to theory. Other modes controlled by the width dimension of the plate were followed.
Anisotropic materials having rolled sheet elastic symmetry were investigated in terms of the appropriate theory. The work has been extended to examine materials from welds in steel plates.
Date of AwardDec 1981
Original languageEnglish


  • in-plane vibration
  • rectangular plate
  • elastic anisotropy
  • material characterisation
  • Rayleigh-Lamb

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