Transmission of data under multipath transmission conditions

  • Philip J. Cadman

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


The explosive growth in microprocessor technology and the increasing use of computers to store information has increased the demand for data communication channels. Because of this, data communication to mobile vehicles is increasing rapidly. In addition, data communication is seen as a method of relieving the current congestion of mobile radio telephone bands in the U.K. Highly reliable data communication over mobile radio channels is particularly difficult to achieve, primarily due to fading caused by multipath interference. In this thesis a data communication system is described for use over radio
channels impaired by multipath interference.
The thesis first describes radio communication in general, and multipath interference In particular. The practical aspects of fading channels are stressed because of their importance in the development of the system. The current U.K. land mobile radio scene is then reviewed, with particular emphasis on the use of existing mobile radio equipment for data communication purposes.
The development of the data communication system is then described. This system is microprocessor based and uses an advanced form of automatic request repeat (ARQ) operation. It can be configured to use either existing
radio-telephone equipment, totally new equipment specifically designed for data communication, or any combination of the two. Due to its adaptability, the
system can automatically optimise itself for use over any channel, even if the channel parameters are changing rapidly.
Results obtained from a particular implementation of the system, which is described in full, are presented. These show how the operation of the system has to change to accomodate changes in the channel. Comparisons are made between the practical results and the theoretical limits of the system.
Date of AwardOct 1981
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorR.L. Brewster (Supervisor)


  • multipath interference
  • digital communications
  • land mobile radio
  • frequency shift keying (F.S.K.)
  • microprocessor systems

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