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  1. 11th International human resource management conference

    Budhwar, P.
    £17,475.00, The British Academy

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  2. 3D human neuronal tissue model for the safety assessment of stem cell therapies

    Coleman, M. & Hill, E.
    £68,500.00, Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board

    Application/Funding: Costed

  3. 473nm diode laser spot illumination module

    Hill, E.
    £8,960.00, Alzheimer's Research Trust

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  4. 6 - Month Fellowship

    Bennett, D.
    £3,431.00, European Commission

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  5. 6th Framework Integrated project. TB VAC

    Perrie, Y.
    £323,399.00, European Commission

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  6. 9th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent systems (AAMAS)

    Chli, M.
    £700.00, Royal Academy of Engineering

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

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