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  1. 24 hours x-ray beamtime at Diamond Light Source (worth ca. £15,000)

    Topham, P.
    £0.00, Diamond Light Source Ltd

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  2. 5th EAWOP Early Career Summer School at Aston University in 2016

    , Crawshaw, J., Lyubovnikova, J. & Sacramento, C.
    £11,580.00, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology

    Application/Funding: Costed

  3. 6 days beam-time at the Institut Laue Langevin; No. 9-11-1808

    Martin, R.
    £0.00, Institut Laue Langevin

    Application/Funding: Costed

  4. A Hybrid PV-Battery Unit Optimised for LV Grids Using GaN Transistors

    £122,893.00, Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board

    Application/Funding: Costed

  5. A novel biomechanical and computational approach to elucidate presbyopia development

    Davies, L.
    £105,413.00, The College of Optometrists

    Application/Funding: Costed

  6. A qualitative exploration of the impact of mild hearing loss in adults

    Monk, R.
    £13,677.00, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Application/Funding: Costed

  7. Adaptive Control of Permanent Magnet Wind Power Generators with Loss Minimisation

    £143,930.00, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    Application/Funding: Costed

  8. Advanced biofuel production with energy system integration - AMBITION

    Bridgwater, T.
    £109,821.00, European Commission

    Application/Funding: Costed

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