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  1. “Ostique”- A novel approach to stoma care

    £4,074.00, Ostique Ltd

    Application/Funding: Costed

  2. Additional funding - Fast Interconnection with FIbre lasers (FIFI)

    Ellis, A.
    £45,500.00, EPSRC CASE / Microsoft Research Ltd

    Application/Funding: Costed

  3. Advanced Partnership: Crown Equipment Corporation

    Baines, T.
    £30,000.00, The Advanced Services Group Ltd

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  4. AIO2+ - Development of the IDentik software tool capability to enable large dataset analysis

    Grant, T.
    £32,904.00, Government Communications Headquarters - GCHQ

    Application/Funding: Costed

  5. Analysis and Benchmarking of Business High-Growth Performance in Scotland

    Hart, M. & Du, J.
    £27,700.00, Scottish Enterprise

    Application/Funding: Costed

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