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The Aston India Foundation brings together the expertise of world-renowned academics and practitioners to carry out cutting edge research and provide consultancy that is directly relevant to today’s dynamic business environment. Hence, its mission is to act as an important resource to enable the creation and dissemination of knowledge that will significantly improve operations and profitability for corporations in India or with Indian interests and facilitate mutually beneficial links with organisations in India and overseas, with an emphasis in the UK.

Led by Professor Pawan Budhwar, the Foundation is ably assisted by a number of colleagues of Aston Business School (ABS). Research and consultancy competencies are available in the fields of strategic management of human resources, foreign direct investment, services marketing, technology and project management, corporate governance and law, mechanical cardiac support, bio-energy – technology and business solutions, developing and successful working in strategic alliances and partnerships, and guidance on how to do business in India.

The foundation then creates the opportunity for interdisciplinary and coordinated research and consultancy into emerging themes suitable for overseas firms interested in India and Indian firms moving to the UK. The overall intention is to generate the insights necessary to help organisations to be more productive in both contexts.


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