Project & Supply Chain Management Research Group

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There is a significant, and growing, level of research activity centred on Engineering Systems & Management which relates to supply chain management and project management.

This work complements strengths in teaching and relates directly to 8 successful degree programmes from Foundation to Masters level.

This Project & Supply Chain Management Research Group will bring together management and technical perspectives on managing projects and supply chains. It will be boundary spanning, bringing together topics and perspectives from engineering and social science, and exploiting and combining our diverse interests and expertise to contribute to collaborative and multidisciplinary research.  

Research areas

  • Supply management, public procurement
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID): Logistics, Healthcare, Warehousing
  • Ultra low carbon vehicles and technological decision making
  • Sustainability: Design and construction process improvement
  • e-business: food industry, retailing, sustainability and humanitarian supply chains
  • Project management control, Strategic sourcing in engineering and construction
  • Impact of improved supply chain visibility
  • Learning to innovate: team performance in interorganisational innovation projects.

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