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Andrew Devitt
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United Kingdom

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Research interests

As an inflammatory cell biologist, my research over 20 years has focused on the innate immune system and its role in protection and tissue repair through the study of phagocyte clearance of dying (apoptotic) cells and microbial challenge. Research within my research group addresses membrane receptors/ligands and cell communication in this phagocytic clearance process.  Current work aims to define the mechanisms by which apoptotic cells communicate via extracellular vesicles (EV).  This BBSRC-funded work is revealing novel EV structure-function relationships that underpin tissue repair and regeneration capacity of EV from both apoptotic and viable cells, including mesenchymal stem cells.  This research has introduced the concept that EV are an active extracellular metabolic compartment capable of modulating inflammation.  The ultimate aim of my group’s research is to modify inflammation for therapeutic gain either through the inhibition of inflammation (e.g. in cardiovascular disease and regenerative medicine applications) or promoting inflammation (e.g. in tumours).

Teaching Activity


Year 2 (level 5) Immunology & microbiology

Year F (level 6) Immunology


Level 7 Immunology and Cell Biology


Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
  • Member - UKEV: UK Extracellular Vesicle Society
  • Member - British Society for Immunology
  • Member - International Society for Extracellular Vesicles
  • Member - The Biochemical Society 
  • Member - The Society For Leukocyte Biology 
  • Member - European Cell Death Organization

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