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Brian Roberts

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Hearing is the process by which we perceive objects and events in the world from the sounds that they produce. Since it is rare for only one source of sound to be active at any one time, the auditory system must be able to group together those acoustic elements that come from one source and to segregate those that come from other sources. Without a solution to this “scene analysis” problem, our perceptions of sound would not correspond to the events that produced them. Research in the auditory perception laboratory at Aston employs a variety of psychophysical techniques to investigate the cues used by the human auditory system for perceptual grouping and scene analysis. Particular interests are the perceptual organization of speech, the role of harmonic relations and other kinds of spectral pattern in the perceptual organization of concurrent acoustic elements, and the acoustic properties that determine the perceptual streaming of sequences of sounds. Also of interest are: the neural bases of auditory grouping phenomena; how the effects of wideband inhibition may produce patterns of behaviour confusable with those produced by more cognitive grouping mechanisms; auditory streaming in cochlear implant listeners; and the categorization and identification of sounds.

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