Dr Gavin Woodhall

Gavin Woodhall
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United Kingdom

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Research interests

Electrophysiological studies on neurones of the entorhinal cortex (EC).

The role of presynaptic metabotropic glutamate and NMDA receptors in epilepsy in the EC

The role of cannabinoids in the EC

The role of primary motor cortex in epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease (in collaboration with Dr. Ian Stanford and Dr. Stephen Hall).

The EC is part of the temporal lobe, a brain region which is especially prone to epilepsy. My research focuses on how epilepsy leads to changes the presynaptic control of neurotransmitter release onto neurones in the deep and superficial layers of the EC, and on the relationship between control of action potential evoked and action potential independent release of glutamate and GABA. I am also interested in the role of presynaptic CB1 cannabinoid receptors in control of GABA release in the normal and chronically epileptic EC. I am currently setting up a human tissue laboratory to investigate these questions in human brain slices.

I am also interested in primary motor cortex (M1), and am currently investigating neuronal network oscillations in this area, with a view to understanding how activity in M1 is altered through synaptic plasticity in epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. These experiments are complemented by investigations in man via MEG studies (Steve Hall).

Teaching Activity

PH2501: Antidysrhythmic drugs.
PH3601: Glutamate, drug abuse, epilepsy, general aAnaesthetics, learning and memory, excitotoxicity.
PH4705: Neuronal networks.


  • 1998–2002 Post-doctoral researcher, University of Bristol.
  • 1995–1998 Postdoctoral fellow University of Montreal, Canada.
  • 1994–1995 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Southampton.
  • 1991–1994 PhD University of Southampton

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Clinical and Systems Neuroscience

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