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Gopi Kolluru

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Research interests

I joined Aston Medical School in July 2015 after spending 5 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Pathology/ Center for Cardiovascular Disease and Sciences at the Louisiana State University. I have worked in the fields of Nitric oxide (NO) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) signaling, cardiovascular pathophysiology, ischemic revascularization and therapeutics during this time. I have been working in the field of vascular biology starting with my Ph.D at Anna University, where I have studied the Nitric oxide and eNOS signaling mechanisms in relation to shear stress and hypoxia.

Currently I am studying the role of Cystathionine- γ lyase (CSE)/H2S signaling effects during diabetes and pregnancy complications including preeclampsia. My research interests include: 

  • H2S/NO interactions and signaling in vascular biology
  • CSE/H2S role in diabetes and preeclampsia
  • Angiogenesis signaling
  • Molecular therapeutics for diabetes and preeclampsia
  • Ischemic revascularization
  • Protein modifications

Membership of Professional Bodies

*American Heart Association (PVD Council)

*Society of Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM)

*Nitric Oxide Society

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