Professor Ian Nabney MBCS, CMath


  1. A decision to support system for mental health risk screening and assessment

    Buckingham, C. & Nabney, I.
    £235,559.00, Department of Health

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  2. Big Data: Digitisation, Semantic Analysis, Topic Modelling, Visualisation and Exploration

    He, Y. & Nabney, I.
    £142,784.00, Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board

    Application/Funding: Costed

  3. EPSRC CASE - Diagnostics and inference for helicopter airframe vibration data

    Nabney, I.
    £89,117.00, EPSRC CASE / Westland Helicopters Ltd

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  4. Expert knowledge, graphical structure and interaction with visualisation in organic geochemistry

    Nabney, I.
    £90,298.00, Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  5. FP6 - Computational Intelligence for Biopattern Analysis to Support E-Health (BIOPATTERN)

    & Nabney, I.
    £160,771.00, European Commission

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

  6. Improved in silico prediction of molecular properties

    Nabney, I.
    £33,369.00, BBSRC

    Application/Funding: Noncosted

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Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research

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