Dr Martin Jüttner

Martin Jüttner
Postal address:
United Kingdom

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Research interests

I am interested in processes underlying visual cognition. To study these processes I mainly employ methods of experimental psychology and psychophysics. These behavioural techniques are supplemented by simulations based on computational models or machine learning algorithms. My early research addressed issues of eye movement control and visual stability during saccadic eye movements. Subsequently, I have investigated questions relating to object recognition, visual categorisation, and object learning by vision and touch. Over the last years the development of object recognition skills in children has become a major focus of my work. Further information about my current research can be found here:

Teaching Activity

I currently convene and teach the following modules:

  • PY1109 Developmental Psychology I
  • PY1117 Cognitive Psychology Ia
  • PY2218 Cognitive Psychology IIa

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