Dr Robert Summers

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Rob graduated in 1997 with a BSc in Mathematics and Psychology from Keele University. He then completed an MSc in Machine Perception and Neural Computation, also at Keele, in 1998. He studied for a PhD under the supervision of Dr Mitch Thomson at Aston University and latterly at Derby University and completed his thesis, “Human sensitivity to higher-order statistical structure in natural images”, in 2005. He worked for with Tim Meese on a Wellcome Trust grant studying the perception of depth in human vision until September 2007 before working for Brian Roberts on a 3-year EPSRC project studying the perceptual organization of speech investigating contributions of general and speech-specific factors. After a further 2 years working for Tim Meese on an EPSRC grant on spatial vision he is now working again for Brian Roberts on a 3-year ESRC project investigating the pecerceptual organization of speech.

Research interests

  • Speech perception, with particular emphasis on the properties of the speech signal that facilitate grouping (with Prof Brian Roberts). 
  • The integration of perceptual information, e.g. the combination of visual signals across space (with Prof. Tim Meese).
  • Psychophysical methods.
  • Computational analysis of retinal vascular images (with Dr Rebekka Heitmar).

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