Ocular and systemic endothelial function in the off spring of diabetics: a pilot study

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Purpose To investigate ocular and systemic correlates of endothelial function in the normoglycaemic offspring of Type 2 Diabetics (T2DM).
Methods Healthy participants aged between 25-65 with (n=30) and without (n=39) a family history were recruited. Retinal vessel reactivity was assessed by using the Retinal Vessel Analyser (RVA, Imedos GmBH). In addition, systemic endothelial function was assessed by using the flow mediated dilation (FMD) technique.
Results Parametric testing showed no significant differences in anthropometric, blood assay or ocular and systemic function between both groups (p>0.05). The average maximum dilation in the measured retinal artery correlated significantly with the maximum dilation of the measured brachial artery (p=0.002 R=0.55) in healthy controls; however, this was not true for subjects with family history of T2DM.
Conclusion Subjects with family history of T2DM show possibly early signs of endothelial dysfunction that, in certain conditions, could contribute to the higher risk of this group of developing similar pathology to their parents.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2009
EventEVER - PORTOROZ, Slovenia
Duration: 30 Sep 20093 Oct 2009



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Abstract published in Acta Ophthalmologica, Special Issue: Abstracts from the 2009 European Association for Vision and Eye Research Conference, Volume 87, Issue Supplement s244, September 2009.

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