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"China and Foreign Highways" (formerly "Foreign Highways") was founded in 1980. It is published bimonthly and is a national-level technical science and technology journal. "Chinese and Foreign Highways" is sponsored by Changsha University of Science and Technology. Before 2011, it was under the supervision of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and now it is under the supervision of Changsha University of Science and Technology. Its Chinese standard serial publication number: CN43-1363/U, ISSN 1671-2579.

The purpose of the journal: Based on the actual needs of my country's highway and bridge design, construction, management, scientific research and teaching, timely publication of advanced technology and scientific and technological information on Chinese and foreign highway construction to serve my country's highway construction.

Main columns: Overview of domestic and foreign highways; Overseas highway inspections; Roadbed and pavement engineering; Structural calculations; Bridge and tunnel engineering; Material testing and application; Traffic engineering and management; Intelligent transportation systems; Highway landscape and environmental protection, etc.

Readers: Engineering and technical personnel and managers engaged in highways, railways, construction, municipal administration, water conservancy, agriculture and forestry, airports, mining, petroleum and other industries, as well as teachers and students in colleges and universities.

Main achievements: This journal is a national Chinese core journal in the field of transportation; a featured science and technology journal of Chinese universities; a core academic journal of RCCSE China; a core journal of science and technology in China (a statistical source journal for scientific and technological papers in China, organized and selected by the China Institute of Scientific and Technological Information); Hunan Top ten science and technology journals in the province; the "Bridge Engineering and Tunnel Engineering" column won the first (2008) Hunan Province Excellent Column; journals included in the full-text database of China Journals and China Core Journals (Selection) Database; won the title of Outstanding Editor of National University Science and Technology Journals in 2009 Quality Award; statistical source journal of China Academic Journals Comprehensive Evaluation Database; has been rated as an outstanding journal by the Ministry of Communications and Hunan Province many times.

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Address: Box 58, Yuntang Campus, Changsha University of Science and Technology, No. 960, Section 2, Wanjiali South Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Editor-in-Chief: Liu Yulan

Editorial phone number: (0731)85258033 (with fax)

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