A new research project is underway to improve the pre-surgical evaluation of pediatrics with medical refractory epilepsy.

  • Manousos Klados

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Period11 Jan 2019

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleManousos Klados, MSc, PhD, FIMA, FHEA, on the HOPE Project in Epilepsy
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    DescriptionDespite the continuous development of new therapies targeting the mechanisms responsible for generating epileptic seizures, some patients still suffer from seizures and are proven medically resistant, making surgery the only remaining alternative. The portion of the brain that should be resected is defined nowadays by intracranial electroenecephalogram (iEEG), however, iEEG presents several limitations like its invasiveness and cost.

    Manousos Klados, MSc, PhD, FIMA, FEMA, Aston University, the lead researcher of the HOPE Project is aiming to develop a non-invasive method to precisely localize the epileptogenic tissue. Klados and his colleagues hope to improve the current procedures for the detection of the epileptogenic tissue as for the post-surgical outcomes with a non-invasive technique, which would greatly impact the current clinical practice.
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