Advanced raman amplification techniques for high capacity and broadband coherent optical transmission systems

  • Md Asif Iqbal

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This thesis presents a detailed study of different advanced Raman fibre laser (RFL) based amplification schemes and the development of novel broadband distributed and discrete Raman amplifiers in order to improve the transmission performance of modern high capacity, long-haul coherent optical systems. The numerical modelling of different Raman amplifier techniques including power distribution of signal, pump and noise components, RIN transfer from pump to signal, broadband gain optimization and so on have been described in details.The RIN and noise performances of RFL based distributed Raman amplifiers (DRAs) with different span lengths, forward pump powers and input reflection levels have been characterized experimentally. It has been shown through coherent transmission experiment that, in order to improve pump power efficiency, a low level of input reflection up to ~10% can be allowed without increasing the Q factor penalty > 1dB due to additional signal RIN penalty.A novel broadband (>10nm) first order Raman pump is developed for use as a forward pump in long-haul transmission experiment. Significant signal RIN mitigation up to 10dB compared with conventional low RIN, narrowband sources was obtained for bidirectional DRA schemes. Long-haul coherent transmission experiments with 10×120Gb/s DP-QPSK system were carried out in are circulating loop setup using the proposed broadband pump in bidirectional and backward only pumping configurations. The maximum transmission reach up to ~8330km was reported with first order broadband pumped bidirectional DRA, with transmission reach extensions of 1250km and1667km compared with conventional backward only and first order semiconductor pumped bidirectional pumping scheme respectively.Finally, a novel design of bidirectional broadband distributed DRA is proposed to reduce the noise figure tilt and improve the WDM transmission performances. Furthermore, broadband discrete Raman amplifier schemes in dual stage configuration are also shown for high gain, high output power, low noise and low nonlinear performances
Date of Award5 Jun 2018
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPaul Harper (Supervisor) & Wladek Forysiak (Supervisor)


  • raman amplification
  • fibre amplifiers
  • fibre lasers
  • coherent communications
  • nonlinear amplifiers

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