An evaluation of TCP over wired-to-wireless networks

  • R.K. Taank

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


To exploit the popularity of TCP as still the dominant sender and protocol of choice for transporting data reliably across the heterogeneous Internet, this thesis explores end-to-end performance issues and behaviours of TCP senders when transferring data to wireless end-users. The theme throughout is on end-users located specifically within 802.11 WLANs at the edges of the Internet, a largely untapped area of work. To exploit the interests of researchers wanting to study the performance of TCP accurately over heterogeneous conditions, this thesis proposes a flexible wired-to-wireless experimental testbed that better reflects conditions in the real-world. To exploit the transparent functionalities between TCP in the wired domain and the IEEE 802.11 WLAN protocols, this thesis proposes a more accurate methodology for gauging the transmission and error characteristics of real-world 802.11 WLANs. It also aims to correlate any findings with the functionality of fixed TCP senders. To exploit the popularity of Linux as a popular operating system for many of the Internet’s data servers, this thesis studies and evaluates various sender-side TCP congestion control implementations within the recent Linux v2.6. A selection of the implementations are put under systematic testing using real-world wired-to-wireless conditions in order to screen and present a viable candidate/s for further development and usage in the modern-day heterogeneous Internet. Overall, this thesis comprises a set of systematic evaluations of TCP senders over 802.11 WLANs, incorporating measurements in the form of simulations, emulations, and through the use of a real-world-like experimental testbed. The goal of the work is to ensure that all aspects concerned are comprehensively investigated in order to establish rules that can help to decide under which circumstances the deployment of TCP is optimal i.e. a set of paradigms for advancing the state-of-the-art in data transport across the Internet.
Date of Award2008
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorXiao-Hong Peng (Supervisor)


  • TCP
  • wired-to wireless networks

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